Weekly programme

Preliminary overview of the basic structure adapted to the situation and requirements of the participants,
spread over 7 days, in work units of 37 x 60 minutes

approx. 2 - 3 weeks before the seminar:
online meeting to get to know each other; details on the schedule


You will definitely need a laptop, notebook or tablet for your participation in individual parts of the seminar.

You will receive materials for the seminar digitally during the seminar.

updated on 15.01.2023



  • Greeting, welcome, getting to know each other
  • Introduction to the seminar system

Joint seminar day with Greek colleagues:

  • Speed-Dating to get to know each other and initial approach to possible school partnerships
  • Basics for the successful design of European projects (theory and practice in bi-national teams)


  • Team training for European projects 1, theory and hands-on exercises
  • Project management 1, theory and hands-on exercises
  • Culture on site: city tour; Greek history in a nutshell, regional and cultural studies


  • Team training for European projects 2
  • Projects from students' perspective
  • Intercultural learning and intercultural communication
  • Project management 2, project planning in practice
  • Intercultural learning for teachers for teachers: comparing school systems


  • ICT in European projects
  • European School Education Platform 
  • Evaluation and reflection in European projects
  • Intercultural „challenges“ for teachers and students


  • Commemoration work as a possible topic for European projects
  • Museum visit


  • Overall evaluation and reflection on the seminar-course
  • Digital material to the contents of the seminar
  • Other aspects in projects, i.e. humor as an approach to intercultural learning, trouble shooting and assistance
  • Certificates, receipts