Project work

  • Planning, developing projects
    • Plan und apply for your European projects
    • Get support with the new Erasmus+ programme and guidelines 2021-2027
    • Create an Erasmus+ development plan for your school and obtain accreditation for your school
  • Conduct and manage projects
    • Exercise in teams how to structure, develop and carry out projects meaningfully and successfully
  • Project evaluation and feedback


  • Basic information on interculturalism; discover common grounds and differences in European cultures
  • Develop an intercultural awareness, playfully experience and exercise how cultural differences and contradictions may become bridges of mutual understanding
  • intercultural communication, basics of communication, communication in projects
  • networking, meeting like-minded people from other European countries and make useful contacts
  • exchange of experiences, visit a Greek school, meet Greek colleagues, present your own projects

Team building

  • Team work in theory and practice as the basis of project work

Digital media

  • Online platforms
  • Methods of using ICT
  • Hands-on practice