Basics of seminar

  • Students at core of school projects
  • Learning differently through European projects
  • Motivation especially for newcomers to project work
  • practice orientation
  • concentrated work due to limited number of participants (min. 12, max. 20)

Project work - in small teams

  • Plan and develop projects
  • Designing projects
  • Evaluate projects


  • Develop an intercultural awareness, discover similarities and contradictions in European cultures, playfully experience and practice how cultural opposites may become bridges of mutual understanding. 
  • intercultural communication, explore and use different forms of communication in project work with students.
  • networking, meeting like-minded people, exchanging experiences, making contacts and developing project ideas in small teams

Team work

  • Team building in theory and practice as the basis of project work

Digital media

  • Exploring ICT-platforms and using methods on practice

Special topic for projects

  • Commemoration work as a central aspect of democracy education