Our mission

Nourishing enthusiasm for Europe


Intercultural activity - once you’ve experienced it, you will become addicted to it.

Students exchange programmes, Comenius projects along with further education programmes for teachers have presented the course coaches with a multitude of positive, inspiring experiences. The many colleagues we have met share one common interest: they are all enthusiastic Europeans and we, together with them, want to pass on this enthusiasm.


Addressing new challenges


New challenges have arisen despite the many positive developments of the past 25 years: The European move has lost momentum; globalization renders many people’s lives difficult; ever new crises emerge; migration in general and surges of refugees in particular in Europe will coin both political action and people’s emotions for a long time to come. In spite of state of the art media and global communication there are widespread ignorance, prejudice and lack of understanding ”the others“.

Let us get together to look for ways of regaining the European momentum.


Courageously breaking new ground


Ever since, after a further education course for teachers, we came together as a team of like-minded colleagues and founded ”Europa-Kontakt-Akademie UG (haftungsbeschränkt)“ (”Europe-Contact Academy“), we have been inspired by the idea of helping build bridges between educational professionals from all European countries, regardless or even because of geopolitical considerations and events.

Bridges build upon meeting like-minded people in our courses, thus creating a shared sense of unity, both in face-to-face encounters and on a truly European scale.


Choice of venue – Thessaloniki


Due to the current geo-political situation and circumstances that have largely impeded colleagues’ willingness to attend courses in Antalya, Turkey, we have decided to relocate our courses to Thessaloniki, Greece, as this city also is a vibrant spot of intermingling cultures, breathing interreligious and intercultural history and presence, thus offering the perfect venue for achieving the goals of our courses.


Multifaceted, versatile courses


Inspired by Jan Amos Komensky (J. Comenius) we aim at giving our courses an informative as well as activity-oriented, practical, hands-on and partly playful design.

Participants will experience that any engagement and preoccupation with Europe is inspiring and infectious and comes along with many gains for you, your colleagues and students both on a personal and a professional scale.

Thanks to the possibilities of networking, there is huge potential of staying in contact with like-minded people, thus laying the basis for future joint projects.


Motivated team of colleagues


The EUKA team of coaches is made up by colleagues of different ages and with different teaching subjects from Germany, Greece and Turkey, all experienced in student exchange and project management as well as school service abroad. We are like-minded people who are driven by the wish to pass on their knowledge and experience in order to initiate and foster exchange of experiences as well as set impulses for you to set out with your own projects.


EUKA courses – heading for European contacts


You are invited to join in on our courses and build bridges between colleagues as well as students, from all over Europe, thus cooperating in creating a joint Europe.

The EUKA team looks forward to welcoming you to our courses, weaving productive, beneficial contacts in Thessaloniki.


Johann Fischer,

CEO of EUKA / head of EUKA